We’re Football Crazy!

Our company football team, GCS FC, are doing us proud in division 3 of the EMPAL league (East Midlands Public Authorities League). The Sunday Football team are seeing the benefits of their training come to fruition and with a six week break for Christmas, they’re raring to again.

In the meantime, their many supporters at GCS are looking forward to a night at the dogs over at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium at the end of January as GCS FC are taking part in a Sporting Leagues Cup Night. This exciting event is not just a great evening out with colleagues, it’s also raising funds for the football team too.

Come back soon for an update on all the news and a few thrills and spills that are a day in the life GCS FC!

Seeing results: GCS FC will be playing to win

Seeing results: GCS FC will be playing to win



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