Cylinder Testing

GCS provides a reliable comprehensive testing service for all UK and European steel and aluminium pressure vessels from 0.5L to 2500L water capacity and at pressures of up to 700 bar

ADR 2019 requires that gas cylinders are regularly inspected and tested to ensure they continue to be safe for the products they contain at the high pressures in which they are stored. It is mandatory for every cylinder to have been initially inspected and tested by the cylinder’s manufacturer to ensure its serviceability before use, this is followed by regular periodic inspection and tests to ensure its continued serviceability whilst in service. Cylinders are subject to varying inspection and test intervals. These are defined within ADR 2019. For beverage gases this is typically a ten-year interval.

To help identify its next periodic inspection and test date a cylinder test ring is fitted to gas cylinders. Cylinder test rings are one method to provide a quick, visual reference. They consist of a plastic disc, fitted between the cylinder and the valve and is colour-coded and shaped to indicate the year in which the next periodic inspection and test is due. Please see our Cylinder Test Date Chart (attached).


We collect and deliver on our fleet of vehicles with GCS employed ADR trained drivers.

Some of the types of cylinders we test

  • Beverage cylinders
  • Refrigerant cylinders
  • Industrial gas cylinders. Oxygen, nitrogen, welding gases, hydrogen, methane, etc.
  • High pressure breathing air cylinders for diving centres and paintball sites
  • Large fire extinguishers
  • Medical cylinders
  • Large high and low pressure cylinders and drums
  • Multiple cylinder packs (MCPs)
  • Battery trailers used in hydrogen, methane, oxygen, helium and more

cyl-test2   cyl-test1

Our Inspectors are rigorously trained in all aspects of cylinder examination in line with UK and European legislation and have the following tools at their disposal to give our customers complete peace of mind

  • All equipment is calibrated at regular intervals in line with our Quality Manual
  • Hydraulic test equipment
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measuring equipment
  • Lathes and lathe operators for neck aluminium neck skimming pre-crack inspection
  • Eddy current crack detection equipment
  • Internal neck thread gauges
  • Semi automatic cylinder assembly torque machines
  • Fibre-optic endoscopes
  • Electronic data capture and test certification
  • Customer website access to on-line viewing and printing of test certification and live order progress tool
  • Safe and legal scrapping of cylinders failing inspection and test


Note that CO2, N2 and CO2/N2 cylinders that we test can be returned full and ready to use. See cylinder filling