Cylinder Refurbishment

GCS offers a complete refurbishment package for all steel and aluminium cylinders and drums from 0.5L to 2500L water capacity.

Note that we also refurbish stillages, frames, manifolds, valves, MCPs, battery trailers and other accessories


Cylinder Internals

  • Nitrogen purging
  • Automated internal shotblasting to bring internal condition back into conformance with BSEN1968 and BSEN1802
  • Internal solvent washing/degreasing
  • Batch hydrocarbon testing for cylinders entering oxidizing gas service
  • Temperature monitored steam cleaning and drying
  • Internal rust inhibitor application
  • Internal neck thread re-machining and over-sizing where required
  • Vacuum and dry nitrogen backfilling/padding to specific moisture levels
  • Moisture analysis


Cylinder Externals

  • External shotblasting to SA2.5 (steel)
  • External bead blasting of aluminium cylinders
  • Etch priming of aluminium cylinders
  • High build zinc phosphate priming and stove enamel top coating of steel cylinders
  • 2-pack epoxy painting for more hostile environments, such as off shore use
  • PPG Autocolour paint systems for battery vehicle fleets (with Fleetwatch Guarantee)
  • Shoulder/band painting/quartering for all gases as required
  • Nylon sleeving of medical and other cylinders
  • Cylinder labelling
  • Name/product stencilling
  • Name/product/TARE hard metal stamping and highlighting
  • Pi-Marking following successful type approval
  • Hot zinc spraying before painting for special applications
  • Replacement of worn, damaged or missing collars/neck rings
  • Refurbishment or replacement of steel valve guards
  • Supply and printing of high impact ABS plastic valve guards
  • Assembly of valves and accessories to finished cylinders