Supply of Cylinders and Accessories

GCS offers a wide range of new and reconditioned cylinders and cylinder accessories for a variety of applications and markets

All cylinders we sell are finished to your specifications including name stamping, colour coding, stencilling, assembly and filling.


Reconditioned cylinders are always supplied fully tested and refurbished to UK and European standards at our test station.

Please check our NEWS page for special offers, but we are often in a position to supply cylinders such as these:

New cylinders

Including but not limited to…

  • 5.0L steel 200B
  • 9.5L steel 167B
  • 10L steel 230B
  • 20L steel 230B
  • 20L steel 300B
  • 30L steel 230B
  • 50L steel 300B
  • 50L steel 400B
  • 68L steel 300B
  • 89L steel 300B

Reconditioned Cylinders

Including but not limited to…

  • 4.2L steel 3.18kg CO2
  • 5.0L steel 200B
  • 8.47L steel 6.35kg CO2
  • 9.4L alum 137B & 150B
  • 10L steel 6.35kg-7.5kg CO2
  • 10L steel 200B
  • 10L steel 230B
  • 47.2L steel 172B (35kg CO2)
  • 61L steel 414B (double-ended)




GCS stock a large variety of accessories which we can fit to your cylinders when they come into our factory for testing or repair or we can supply them straight to you if you prefer to carry out your own repairs.

  • High impact ABS plastic valve guards, printed with gas warning and customer contact details/logo.
  • Steel valve guards for larger cylinders
  • Various high pressure RPV or non-RPV valves suit 25E taper threaded cylinders or M30 x 2 parallel threaded cylinders
  • BS3 and BS4 outlets 230B and 300B versions
  • Other valve types available on request
  • Replacement cylinder neck rings (collars)
  • Plastic valve dust caps/outlet caps
  • RPV filling adapters
  • Brass adapters and spigots
  • Helium balloon filling adapters
  • New or refurbished steel stillages/cylinder carrying frames