Gas Container Services Industry Accreditations

For Cylinders manufactured prior to 2001;

Gas Container Services Limited are Accredited to BS EN ISO 17020:2012 by UKAS to provide Periodic in-service Inspection for Pressure Vessels and Bundles to the Specifications listed below;

For cylinders manufactured after 2001:

Gas Container Services Limited are authorised to operate in house inspection services in accordance with;;;;; and of ADR2019 and of the CDG 2009 regulations and is authorised to undertake Periodic Inspection and Test in accordance with the standards listed below and subject to the applicable conditions expressed in ADR2019 by Arrowhead Certification services.

GCS is accredited to inspect and retest pressure vessels to the following standards:

Seamless Carbon Steel Cylinders BS EN 1968:2002 + A1:2005 (Except Annex B)

Seamless Aluminium Alloy Cylinders to BS EN 1802:2002 (Except Annex B)

Welded Carbon Steel Cylinders BS EN 1803:2002 (Except Annex C)

Composite Cylinders (with liner) BS EN ISO 11623:2002

Cylinder Valves BS EN ISO 22434:2001 (Visual Inspection)

Welded Steel Pressure Drums BS EN 14876 (except Annex B)

Cylinder bundles – Periodic Inspection & Testing to BS EN 15888: 2014

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