Testimonial from InBev

I have in my current role within InBev UK dealt with Gas Container Services for a period of seven years. During this time I have always found the organisation to be one of the most dependable out of all the suppliers that we currently trade with.

My principal contact within the company is Ashley Reeves (Sales Director), Ashley has always proved to be very informative and helpful. He has over the years at site visits to their Nottingham offices taken time to explain the science, technicalities plus the health and safety issues behind the production, distribution and storage of beer dispense gas.

Importantly, Ashley has always made an effort to communicate regularly with me and to understand the InBev UK business.

With regards to service levels, we have had no cause for concern, everything that should be done is done and on time, there is effective two way dialogue between both companies which has proved to be very beneficial.

I would have no hesitation in recommending any other organisation to have Gas Container Services as a supplier.

David Ellis
InBev UK Account Director