About Us

At GCS, we offer a complete solution to all your industrial gas service needs. While well-known for our gas cylinder associations, we’re much more than this, broadening out our excellence in the field to meet the growing needs of our strong client base.


Our main services include:

  • The periodic inspection and testing of high and low pressure gas cylinders, vessels and drums.
  • The refurbishment and repair of gas cylinders, cylinder pack frames and trailers to a good as new condition.
  • The design and manufacture of products for the storage, transportation and control of high-pressure gases to suit industrial and medical requirements.
  • On-site filling of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and mixed gases for applications ranging from drinks dispense to fire extinguishers.
  • We also have two sister companies. Bevgas provides the direct delivery of drinks dispense gases and contract filling, while at Roadgas, we offer a complete service overseeing all aspects of the Natural Gas Industry as an alternative fuel for vehicles.

Want to know more about our cylinder testing, reconditioning, refurbishment and filling? Follow the links to discover how in depth our services go.

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Impartiality: Through its policies and procedures, its recruitment and training and a routine risk assessment, GCS can guarantee that impartiality is maintained throughout the business.